Case Studies of our VR Videos & 3D Maps

Seneffe City Tour Map

Guided tour here

Combining 360° drone imaging with virtual reality tours of noteworthy buildings, we provided an authentic city tour through Seneffe, Belgium – accessible wherever you are !

Using the navigation panel, visitors can easily move across the city as if they were really there, viewing tour highlights and gathering additional information about the locations through tags along the way. Visitors can even ‘walk inside’ select buildings for seamlessly-integrated 3D virtual tours of historic sites. Such virtual tour maps enable cities to better market themselves, attract more tourists, bring their rich histories to viewers across the world, and continue to engage with younger generations in their communities.

These tools are also especially useful for entities such as schools, universities or large business campuses. A virtual tour map conveniently acquaints students, employees and visitors with the layout and options available throughout the grounds, as well as improves the institution’s marketing power.Looking to bring tourists to your town or familiarise students with your campus? Let’s chat!

Virtual Home Staging

Guided tour here

DiscoVR has added an exciting new virtual reality tech tool to its catalogue – introducing our 3D visualization instrument for homes and offices! We can take your nascent blueprint plans and virtually create a realistic 3D walkthrough space, allowing you to experience all of the building’s potential before the first stone has been laid.

Add numerous personalization options with tags in your authentically created rooms, including experimenting with different paint colors, fabric options, furniture pieces, artwork, installed units and more.

This virtual home staging tool is also useful for realtors, saving them money on purchasing staging furniture, while still being able to showcase the possibilities of any place to potential buyers. Further, videos and other information, such as unique property attributes or links to purchase furniture pieces, can be integrated throughout the virtual walkthrough. Need a 3D virtual rendering of your home design, or already have a physical space for staging? Reach out to us today!

Volvo Auto Salon

Guided tour here

Volvo Cars is a Swedish manufacturer of premium and luxury cars and a subsidiary of the Chinese Geely Group.
You missed the « auto-salon » in January?
Volvo invite you to return to the heart of their stand via our virtual tours.
Explore, travel and enjoy the view of these beautiful cars. If one of these cars catches your eye don't hesitate to check out the tags to learn more about them.

Here the virtual visit increases the event lifespans and the tags inform us about the details of each car and can also redirect you to the personalization of the car.
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BAM 2019

Guided tour here

BAM, the Belgian Association of Marketing, is the largest marketing association in Belgium. BAM is an open community that has brought together the members, initiatives and expertise of STIMA, BDMA and IAB Belgium to create a new and unique platform for contacts and exchanges.
A virtual visit adds significant value to all future events, such as:
- Your events will be optimised with respect to organisation and perspective, which will be especially useful when conducting multiple editions of an event. Presenting the exhibition or presentation stands, their locations and the neighbouring stands to new customers will also be easier with the virtual visit. Moreover, your event lifespans will be extended thanks to a virtual visit established on your social networks and webpage.
- Your customers will achieve greater visibility and enhanced communication. Additionally, by offering your customers inclusion in a virtual visit (as a standard or premium service) they will be able to include it on their websites, thereby amplifying the prominence of your events.
- Your visitors who were not present at your event will be able to visit it virtually and find the stands that interest them. By sharing their impressions with friends and family, these visitors will continue to generate buzz promoting your event even after it has ended.
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Thon Hotel Bristol Stephanie

Guided tour here

Thon Hotels is a hotel chain based in Norway. It is currently the third largest hotel chain in Norway with about 50 hotels in Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands.
This virtual tour of the hotel is focused on the presentation of the different meeting rooms.
The side bar allows you to select the different set up possible in each meeting room.
This visit allows the sales representatives to move their hotel on their tablets and to better presentation of their hotel during their meetings.
This totally transparent visit increases the trust between you and your prospect.
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Infrabel Tunnel

Guided tour here

Infrabel is a company that manages the railway infrastructure in Belgium. They work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure a safe and efficient rail network.
On this virtual visit, Infrabel wanted to highlight 3 things in their railway tunnels:
- The first was their evacuation system: How to get out of the tunnel if there is a fire in the train and people must evacuate. This visit shows how to exit from point A to point B while being safe. This helps to raise awareness of the steps to be taken in the event of a fire.
- The second was to show the firefighters how to access the tunnel from the street when there is a fire present. The guided tour can be used to indicate the route to take and to highlight important points.
- The third was to be able to highlight the technicians' cabin. They also have the path that is indicated to get there. But also, to be able to take action. If we wanted the size of a rack or the wall we can measure it directly from this virtual visit. We also have tags for adding valuable content.

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Ibis Louvain la Neuve

Guided tour here

Ibis is a 3-star hotel brand owned by the Accor group. Created in 1974, ibis is the strong economic brand in the Accor portfolio.
In this virtual tour we want to show you that it is also possible to combine drone technology with virtual tour technology!

Thanks to this, we can present you the inside with our virtual tour and the outside of your buildings with the drone.

- The tags allow you to change a room’s setup. This is useful and efficient to virtually show the difference between room arrangements for meetings or events. Also people can visit the different rooms and directly book them by clicking on the tags.
- The digital measurements are also of great help to you in avoiding time-consuming email exchanges and waiting for people on-site to provide the measurements of your meeting rooms.
- Additionally, photo extraction allows you to have or provide your customers with different angles of view without having to go back to an outside photographer
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Young Talent Studio

Guided tour here

YTS is a company specialising in printing and embroidery on textiles and personalised promotional items.
The virtual visit allows them to present their showroom and the workshop where the printing of the textiles takes place.
It also shows the offices and employees who will welcome you when you come for an appointment or when you come to pick up your order.
The implementation of the guided tour highlights the different sectors of the young company.
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Parlement de Wallonie

Guided tour here

The Walloon Parliament is the legislative assembly of the Walloon Region. Composed of 75 deputies elected for five years, it exercises legislative power by passing decrees, elects the regional government and monitors its actions.
The Walloon Parliament is modernising and presents you the places in virtual tour.
The tags introduce you to each deputy and their duties for the current year. Note that each tag is in the colour of the appropriate political party.
the sidebar on the side will allow you to make a quicker search for political party or cities.
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Notaris Binnemans

Guided tour here

The office of notary Stein Binnemans is located in Oudenaarde, in the heart of the Flemish Ardennes. We are a medium sized notary office with besides the notary 3 lawyers, 3 secretaries and 1 real estate advisor.
The notary Binnemans will introduce you to his offices where you will be welcomed as well as his team who will take care of your cases.
The guided tour will lead you through the different offices and people.
The tag will present you the whole team with their specific role within the notary’s office.
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